Welcome to our new Knowledgebase


Between designing websites for small businesses & running regular training sessions in Melbourne & throughout regional Victoria we get asked every imaginable question. So we thought why not create a central  knowledgebase with all the questions we get asked. Currently there's about 20 odd Q & A's but this will expand by a few each week. If there's any questions you'd like to ask our team shoot us an email or ask us on Twitter I hope you like it! Click here to see our Web Design Knowledgebase … [Read more...]

eCommerce discussed Part #2: Processing Payments


Processing Payments & your eCommerce store: Processing payment programs are the least understood part of running an eCommerce store- solely for the reason it is completely bewildering! Most people turn to the old faithful Paylpal, but people that use Paypal as their processing program will tell you its neither faithful nor inexpensive. This is one area where you really need do your homework. Some Processing Payments programs have a free monthly account but you pay a higher transaction fee, others have a large monthly fee but the % they take is less. Crunch the numbers and find which package suits your business. Why do you need a Processing Payments program? It is exactly the same as having a retail store, you need to connect … [Read more...]

Thinking of an Online eCommerce Store? Part #1: Freight Costs


Freight Costs & your eCommerce store: As with everything in business you need to make sure you have planned properly and researched even more properly as a wrong decision in the design stage will cost you thousands and will lead to dozens of hours a week in maintenance, inventory control and double handling. Determine freight & postage fees early on Setting shipping costs can be rather difficult. You need to research the fees and costs involved in shipping around Australia and the world. There are numerous shipping options available, live shipping rates may work for a large firm, set-fee might work for small eCommerce stores. Things to consider when setting your Freight fees: Will you selling overseas? How long does it … [Read more...]

Considering an E-Commerce site?


11 things to consider when developing an E-commerce site E-commerce. It’s been a buzz-word of the retail industry for the last decade or so. It seems so easy to get an online store and start making money. Customers come to you, via your website. What's not to like? Every retailers dream, right? In reality it’s not so simple as all that, of course. And who gets the blame when the website finally goes online and fails to attract the hordes of buyers? The developer, of course. So here are some tips to consider before embarking on the e-commerce journey: 1. Is your business the right business for an e-commerce site? This is the most important point I want to get across, for the client, the developer and everyone's peice of mind. Not … [Read more...]

QR Codes: Are they suitable for your business?


What is a QR Code? QR Codes in a nut shell are new age barcodes. QR stands for Quick Response and all you need to do to access the information embedded in the QR code is scan the QR barcode with your smartphone and away you go. QR Codes take information from a newspaper, website or magazine and once scanned send the info to your phone. It's a quick an easy way for people to get more information about a product or service, save things when they're on the go and even sign up to a mailing list. QR Codes are hugely popular in the US, Europe and Asia. Australia has been slow on the uptake of QR Codes but it's slowly creeping into large retailers, government and large events. QR Codes can be used in a huge variety of ways. Some of the most … [Read more...]

Shared Web Hosting


Shared Web Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting vs VPS Hosting We can often become overwhelmed with the number of options available when it comes to web hosting. There are so many sellers, resellers, oversellers – how do we cut through to find out what we really need? It all mostly comes down to three kinds of hosting option – Shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting. These all refer to the way your site is hosted physically in the host’s server itself. When considering hosting, we’re thinking not only about the amount of space our website needs, but also how many people can look at it at once, plus how much information is allowed to be downloaded from your website per month – that is, server space and bandwidth. Shared Web … [Read more...]

JQuery Explained


Thinking of using JQuery for your next Web Design? JavaScript is a programming language that enables web pages to be more dynamic or interactive. It’s development has seen web pages go from simple static pages of text and images to useful applications and interesting graphics. JQuery is a library of JavaScipt functions collected to make coding in JavaScript easier and faster for programmers. It’s a collection of common functions that programmers originally had to code directly in JavaScript, but that were so popular or useful that standardised versions were created and stored in one document, which can be called in any webpage. The official JQuery website www.jquery.com defines jQuery as ‘a fast and concise JavaScript Library that … [Read more...]

The world’s running out of Website addresses!


Stop Press! I'm sure you've read the headlines- great headline, but slightly mistaken. The world is running out of IP Addresses but not domain names so you can relax. But why did so many media outlets run stories on the web running out of space? Here's a simplified explanation of IPv6 and the issue with IP Addresses. Every computer, tablet, mobile and modem connected to the internet needs to have a separate IP Address. This IP Address is a unique number that sets your computer apart from any other. The only problem is with so many web enabled gadgets that the actual number of IP Addresses available is estimated to run out by the end of 2012. So the big wigs that set the rules for the Internet have introduced IPv6 to eliminate the problem … [Read more...]

Benefits of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing for your business Cloud computing is one of the latest IT technology marketing buzzwords. Is it something you can take advantage of in your business or is it just the latest in a long line of 'next big' things that just don't cut it. Before we look at the benefits Cloud computing could have for your business, just what is this mysterious piece of jargon? What is the Cloud? Imagine instead of having all your files installed on your own computer, you simply log into the internet and find all your programs directly in your browser. That’s basically what Cloud computing is all about. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and you can work from anywhere – even in transit with your tablet or iPhone. If you use a … [Read more...]

What is HTML5?


Is HTML5 worth your while? HTML is the code used to program what you see on the screen when you view a website in a browser. HTML5 is the latest incarnation of this language, which has been in it’s previous form since 1997. With such an increase in the use of video, audio, graphics and animations in websites, HTML5 has extra commands to make programming this easier, and also to make websites more compatible with different browsers and search engines. A large reason for the development of HTML5 audio and video is to replace third-party software like Flash, which uses up bandwidth and computer power – plus can’t be read by search engines like Google. HTML5 uses the computer’s own audio and video capabilities, which today’s computers … [Read more...]