Email Safety Precautions


Email Safety Precautions and Best Practices Some folks are very cautious about the sites they visit and the files they download, but are very careless about protecting themselves from exploitation via emails. So I thought I’d share some safety precautions you can utilize to keep from getting infected with various types of malware via your email accounts. First of all, let’s look at two different ways of handling your email: webmail and email clients. Webmail Webmail is what you’re using when you log into your service via your browser, such as at or You’re able to read, send and forward emails from the server’s site, and usually, they’ll offer some level of spam detection and filtering. Obviously, since … [Read more...]

Something to Consider


I promised to try to share some information that might be useful to those of you that either already have a website, or soon will. So I thought I'd talk to those of you that aren't yet convinced that you need a website, or if you already have one, perhaps you're not convinced it's worth investing in a bit of effort to optimize it. First of all, if you find yourself wondering if you really need a website, try looking at it from a different angle. If you're displaying your work in shows and galleries from time to time, you may be seeing some traffic wander through, looking at your art and that of your colleagues. And while some of those people may be just casual browsers, with no real intention of buying anything, most are probably … [Read more...]